International Drone Day - Saturday 2 May 2020

This year the 6th Annual International Drone Day
is being held all  over on May 2nd 2020
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International Drone Day 2019
Thank you Texas for recognizing International Drone Day
David Oneal Designed T-Shirt 2019
David Oneal Designed T-Shirt 2019

The main location for International Drone Day 2020, will be announced soon. The main events in the past have been held in:

  • 2015 Las Vegas
  • 2016 San Diego
  • 2017 Portland
  • 2018 Ohio
  • 2019 El Paso Texas
  • 2020 Announced soon!

The Next International Drone Day is May 2nd 2020

For the 6th year in a row  International Drone Day is an event that is a world wide phenomenon.  it takes place in your town, your area, not just one location. The official 2020 International Drone Day main location will be announced soon!

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El Paso Texas International Drone Day 2019


Wow it was amazing day in May for El Paso Texas as they celebrated International Drone Day 2019 in grand style with the support of the local government and countless agencies in the great lone star state! For those of you that are flying drones here in El Paso, New Mexico or Juarez Mexico, It…

International Drone Day 2019 was a worldwide hit!


All over the world – Drones were celebrated for the 5th time in a row! The Drone Girl did a great article on our event here The news media covered our events all over the planet here this was for the main event in El Paso Texas this year, in the past the main events…

2019 International Drone Day details


International Drone Day 2019 details Drones continue to be an often controversial topic, and so International Drone Day 2017 is set to be even larger than last year. Hundreds of teams throughout the world will hold events to educate those outside of the drone community about the many positive ways in which drones are used…

International Drone Day 2019 – 5 year anniversary


International Drone Day 2019 – 5 year anniversary

* It is the 5 year anniversary of International Drone Day in 2019

* This year the event will be held on May 4th 2019

* We are thrilled to all the teams around the world as part of our global effort to educate the planet that Drones Are Good!

International Drone Day 2017 rocked!


International Drone Day is this weekend! Saturday 6 May was the third annual International Drone Day. 90,000 people across the world are expected to gather together to spread the word that “drones are good”. Are you as excited as we are? Why is International Drone Day important? Drones are used for many wonderful things, but…

Videos from all of the events around the world


Check out the PRESS about International Drone Day From around the WORLD!


This page will update with International Drone Day News Stories CBS ran a lead story on us with millions of views Canton Ohio Story Las Vegas News Story Delaware story Drone enthusiasts around the world are celebrating the first International Drone Day today. Among them are several hundred people gathered on a dry lake bed…


International Drone Day has over 150 simultaneous events happening at the very same time all over the world 

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What is it?

Over 40,000 drones are sold each and every month, people love flying them however, many people fear drones and work to pass laws banning drones.

If nothing is done, the probable almost certain future is that there will be less and less places to legally fly and the world will loose out on the many amazing things drones can do for the world.

So we created a day to celebrate drones and their uses and to educate the media, public and local governments about the many good things drones are used for. We have 150 simultaneous events happening all at the same time on Saturday May 5 2018.

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All across the world, there are teams getting ready for International Drone Day 2019. Chances are there is a team near you just waiting for you to join them. The AMA is the lead sponsor for IDD 2020 be sure to sign up with them and get the support of the best organization in the world.

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Mass Media Coverage

International Drone Day creates an enormous opportunity for everyone on one day to create a day of positive news stories around drones.

This allows both the public and lawmakers the chance to really see that Drones are good for what might be the first time.




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We have over 150  events going on at the same time around the world. There is most likely an event near you check the map and if not become a team captain for your area today.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

What is it?