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What is it?

Over 40,000 drones are sold each and every month, people love flying them however many people fear drones and work to pass laws banning drones.

If nothing is done, the probable almost certain future is that there will be less and less places to legally fly and the world will loose out on the many amazing things drones can do for the world.

So we created a day to celebrate drones and their uses and to educate the media, public and local governments about the many good things drones are used for. We have 150 simultaneous events happening all at the same time on Saturday May 7 2016.

Join the AMA today

A membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics covers you for whatever you fly and wherever you fly. And it doesn’t matter if you fly an airplane, helicopter, park flyer, multirotor, quadcopter, sUAS, FPV, DIY drone or even an aerial robot. Just join the AMA, fly for recreational fun and operate within the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code1 and you’re good to take off.

Join a team now

All across the world, there are teams getting ready for International Drone Day 2016. Chances are there is a team near you just waiting for you to join them. The AMA is the lead sponsor for IDD 2016, be sure
to sign up with them and get the support of the best organization in
the world.

Please click here to find a team near you today. If there is no team near you, it is very simple to set up a team, please click here for more info.





Flying models is a safe activity. But sometimes accidents can happen involving people or property. Enjoy peace of mind flying by knowing the AMA has you covered. It would cost you $1,000 a year or more to buy this insurance on your own. And you’re covered whether you choose to fly at an AMA club field, park, backyard or wherever.

Mass Media Coverage

International Drone Day creates an enormous opportunity for everyone on one day to create a day of positive news stories around drones.

This allows both the public and lawmakers the chance to really see that Drones are good for what might be the first time.




AMA stands for you

AMA Stands Up For Your Interests and Right to Fly.

Our work with Congress helped establish the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, exempting recreational, unmanned aircraft from regulation. And the FAA now considers our National Model Aircraft Safety Code to be a legitimate means of operating recreational, unmanned aircraft in the national airspace.

International Drone Day - Saturday 05.06.17

We have over 150 simultaneous events going on at the same time around the world. There is most likely an event near you check the map and if not become a team captain for your area today.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

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Media Coverage

What is it?

International Drone Day



The Drone Invasion

The Drone Invasion is a groundbreaking documentary that explores commonly held beliefs about drones. Through entertaining and educational interviews with experts and enthusiasts, the documentary asks whether drones are good.

The premier of the Drone Invasion is this September 2016