Flying review of the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

How does the Phantom 3 Standard fly? Alex Wright from Drone Depot invites That Drone Show viewers to meet the Phantom 3 Standard, the most accessible intelligent flying camera ever built. Easy to fly and engineered to let everyone take to the sky, now


Its always a big deal when the Roswell Flight Test Crew comes on the show, but this time around they have a very special announcement about an all new drone flight school that you will want to learn about. Its called  

SkyPixel Gallery Opening night in Santa Monica

We just attended the SkyPixel Gallery World Premiere in Santa Monica Ca, and before the gallery opened we had the chance to interview Romeo Durscher of DJI. He gave a great interview and we are so excited to feature Romeo in the film. He

That Drone Challenge

That Drone Challenge is an exciting new game show where contestants try their hand at navigating a series of drone challenges to win a drone or get sent home. Hosted by Sarah and David Oneal of That Drone Show, the show takes place in

The Drone Invasion Movie in San Diego, Ca

The Drone Invasion film crew hit the streets of San Diego this past weekend, and we had 11 great interviews with news media, photographers, drone business owners and drone manufactures. We had some great content for the film, and we are excited to share

Will Drones replace TV News Vans?

We go behind the scenes today as we are filming our drone documentary called The Drone Invasion and we meet up with Gary Buzel of San Diego 6 to discuss the drones and the media as well as learn how drones are replacing TV

International Drone Community Event June 13th 2015

That Drone Show Press release for Cambridge, Iowa International Drone Community (IDC) We are excited to feature the very first International Drone Community event on June 13th in Iowa. In March of 2015 over 150 teams around the world participated with us in a