What was the impact?

International Drone Day 2019 had a tremendous world wide impact on the media's portrayal of drones and the public had its first taste of the good that drones can actually do. What was the true impact? This page will show you just that.

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Mass Media Coverage

International Drone Day creates an enormous opportunity for everyone on one day to create a day of positive news stories around drones.

This allows both the public and lawmakers the chance to really see that Drones are good for what might be the first time.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Huffington Post

Media Coverage

What is it?

International Drone Day

This page will update with International Drone Day News Stories


CBS ran a lead story on us with millions of views

Feb 2016 CBS News Story | Drones and Prisons | link

Las Vegas News Story

Delaware story


Team South Africa StediDrone featured article about International Drone Day

Team Los Alamitos in the Long Beach Paper

DJI GLOBAL got involved as well

Drone life did a story as well

Spring Hill Story

Team Oregon story

The Drone Girl Feature Story

Palm Beach Florida Story

Roswell Flight Test Crew Story

Team Canton

Canton Ohio Story

Team Toledo in the News and here

Team New Jersey in the news

Ohio in the news

Team San Diego News

Team Maldives News

Oklahoma Drone Day News

South Jersey Rotor-E Club: in the Press

London Free Press writes about IDD

Ontario News here

Drone Enthusiast Article

Team Oregon News

Team Huntsville

Team Germany News article

Team South Africa NEWS

Team Boston News

Video Playlist of video around the world on International Drone Day



The Drone Invasion

The Drone Invasion is a groundbreaking documentary that explores commonly held beliefs about drones. Through entertaining and educational interviews with experts and enthusiasts, the documentary asks whether drones are good.